The M2SYS BioPlugin Web Demo is a simple website designed to help our support and development partners.

As a support technician you may choose to use this website in order to test basic functionality of our hardware and software. With this website you can query the software as well as access it's biometric features. If you can perform these functions on this website then you can confirm that it works as designed, and can focus on other factors in your diagnostic process.

As a developer you can download the source for this website and use it to see how simple it is to construct the basic functions you'll need in your project. Other languages will have their specific requirements, but the basic principles apply everywhere.

NOTICE: This website, it's code, and any other related data is owned and controlled by M2SYS Technology. We are providing it as a curtiousy, free of charge, however we still retain all rights related to the information.

If you are having trouble with the website, please make sure that you've added the website to Internet Explorer's "Trusted Sites" list. Here is the official documentation from Microsoft.

Show Available Engines Get Engine Type Set Engine Type

Get Server Info Set Server Info

Get Location ID Set Location ID

Get NoMatchFound Value Set NoMatchFound Value

Is BioPlugin Installed Is BioPlugin Running

Get Scanner Status Get Scanner Count Get Scanner List Get Scanner Serial List

Register Register Short Register Single Register Single Short

Update Update Short Update Single Update Single Short

Is Registered? Change ID Delete ID

Verify Verify Single Verify Quick

Identify Identify Quick

Start Identify Single Stop Identify Single

For more information about our biometric products, please visit our website

Original BioPlugin Demo

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